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Do the best screenwriters make it?
Some do, but most don't. Why?

Because they don't know the tricks of the trade. 

I have spent over 20 years in the industry and know every trick, 
including how to stand out from the rest and get on the decision-maker's desk.

I recently had 8 agents offer to represent me on a project. 

If you are serious as a screenwriter, I am serious about making you succeed and can significantly increase your chances of success.

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Over twenty years in the Hollywood film industry working with and for the studios as agent, manager and producer. I ran close to 7000 pitch meetings, most with the studio heads of production. Worked with several Academy nominees and discovered two.

One of the very few film industry professionals with a research background.  I recently completed a PhD looking at how production companies turn their scripts into blockbusters. Eight years of research, interviewing hundreds of filmmakers. If I cannot make you succeed, no one can.

I am a member of the British Film Academy (BAFTA) as well as an expert consultant to the European Union's EACA program, which I advise on which film projects to invest in.

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Have you had actors run your script? Why not?

How do you make your script stand out from 1000 others?

How do you make the director or actor of your choice read your 
script and not some assistant?

What do you think the one biggest reason for a talented writer not having a career is? The answer will blow you away.

What is the biggest career killer for a screenwriter?

Do the best succeed? Rarely. Those who know the rules of the game do. I know dozens of talented writers who cannot get into a producer's office to save their lives. And as many mediocre ones who set up one deal after the other. Why?

Find out.